Family Issues

Families face a myriad of possible problems these days. We have experience helping families with the following topics: parenting issues, behavior management techniques, coping with divorce, raising a child with disabilities, improving relationships and family functioning, adolescent issues, managing stress and self care.

Relationship Enhancement

Our society puts tremendous pressure on singles and couples to either find their perfect partner of maintain a story-book relationship. What is realistic? We can help you enhance your relationship with proven communication techniques, learning how to develop an emotionally intelligent relationship as well as learning how it argue constructively without damaging each other.


We can provide a compassionate and caring environment to work on issues related to depression and anxiety. It is vital to understand how our families of origin, automatic thoughts and faulty beliefs can affect out mood and behavior. Learn practical techniques to recognize, and alter our patterns of destructive thinking that prevent us from seeking the lives we deserve.

Adolescent Issues

Self-Destructive Behaviors

American youth today are often considered to be in a state of crisis. Approximately half of all adolescent are at moderate to high risk of engaging in one or more self-destructive behaviors, including eating disorders, self-injury, unsafe sex, drug and alcohol abuse; under achievement, failure, or dropping out of school, delinquent or criminal behaviors. Many of these problem behaviors are interrelated. Some of these behaviors are related to the multitude of physical, social, and emotional changes adolescents are experiencing. Some are related to dysfunction in families; violence in the streets and at home; and media that desensitizes alcohol and drug use, extramarital sex, and violence.


What is self-esteem? It is the opinion you have of yourself and your value as a person. The development of a sense of self, “who am I”, is a major, if not the most important, developmental task of adolescence. Low self-esteem as well as low levels of social confidence; assertiveness, personal control and self-efficacy have been recognized as risk factors for a teen to engage in self-destructive behaviors.


Divorce is a serious process that can be emotionally charged and financially devastating. It rocks the foundation of your life and challenges beliefs. It can lead to feelings of self-doubt, anger and depression. Maintaining dignity and self-respect are paramount. If children are involved, special handling is required to help minimize the potential damage.

Parenting Workshops

“Top 12 Parenting Tips” for Children Ages 1-6

This workshop is in process of being offered to the community through local townships and churches.

Educational Resources

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